We sell affordable HiFi Audio Equipment and Vinyl Records. Feel free to read our “What we Buy” page to get an idea of brands we carry.

We strive to get you exploring at a reasonable cost, whether you are just getting into HiFi Audio for the first time, or upgrading your stereo by adding a turntable, we want to offer you an affordable option.

We work hard to offer you a GOOD – BETTER – BEST model, otherwise known as ENTRY LEVEL – INTERMEDIATE QUALITY – EXCEPTIONAL.

We choose to offer both used and new items to fit your budget.

The majority of our store is used gear. We have shelves of vintage Marantz, Akai, Teac, Rogers, KLH, Advent, Cerwin Vega, NAD, McIntosh, Polk, Hafler, Sony, Dynakit, Eico, Yamaha, Pioneer, Technics, Dual, Realistic, Fisher,  JVC, Adcom, Carver, Speakerlab, ADS, Electrovoice, Dual, U-Turn, Audio-Technica, Thorens, Denon, Boston Acoustic, Harman Kardon, Kenwood, Realistic, Onkyo, Sherwood, JBL, Acoustic Research, Sansui, Infinity, Bose, Camber, Paradigm, and many more brands. If you want a chrome faces, wood panels, green or blue back-lights, and that classic tuning knob, we have it. If you crave 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s Audio Equipment, we have it!

Kenwood KR-6400 Vintage Receiver in Seattle

We sell Record Players, Amplifiers, Receivers, Integrated Amplifiers, Stereos, Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, Vinyl, Tape Decks, Tape Players, CD Players, and more.


We are an authorized Dealer of:

U-Turn Orbit Turntables and Pluto Pre-Amps




Audio-Technica Turntables and Cartridges

Audio Technica Seattle Dealer