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Are we “the” Seattle Nerd Store?

Is Turntables & Trails “the” Seattle Nerd Store?




According to a large portion of our customers we are the perfect ecclectic blend of Seattle interests. This was put most apptly by a customer who stated, “You are the Seattle Nerd Store!” Personally, I disagree, we aren’t the Seattle Nerd Store.

We are the Northwest’s Nerd Store!

It seems that the Northwest has attracted the curious and unique crown of folks from around the world who love all the best things. Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Snowshoeing, Travel, Camping, Climbing, Disc Golf and other outdoor activies seem to draw people to the NW like fish are drawn to… well, whatever magic lure you happen to have. We love to get outside and go outdoors in the Northwest. Maybe it’s the beautiful green colors that thrive around us, or possibly the large expanses of lakes, rivers, ocean, streams and other bodies of water. Whatever it is, we love it. Does it make us nerds? Maybe.

We also love music. When I say love… I mean “love”. We aren’t some group of people who are content to listen to the latest boy band (do those still exist?) playing through our cell phones built in speaker. We demand an audio experience. We support our local artists at gallerys, coffee shops, theaters, on-stage, at the farmers market, or even in our own living rooms. So, what do we want when we choose to listen to music that isn’t live? Only the best (within our budget, of course!). We might not have the room for massive 3 way tower speakers, a seperate subwoofer, and a full rack setup, but we certainly don’t want to listen via generic headphones, or our built in laptop and cell phone speakers. We want simple, well built, (and typically wallet friendly) setups that allow us to be invited into the music. As one customer put it “we want to hear the depth of sound in music.” We choose vintage gear, or Made in USA products. We want Marantz, Sansui, Kenwood, Dynaco, Heathkit, JBL, Advent, Polk, Infinity, Acoustic Research, Thorens, Technics, JVC, Hafler, and other quality pieces of gear. We don’t settle for your “all-in-one” speaker-tuner-ipoddock-cd-player type devices. We realize that power of a small bookshelf set of speakers, 70’s receiver, and a¬†U-Turn or Pro-Ject Turntable is more than adequate to fill our house, apartment, or office with encompassing music. Does this make us nerds? Most likely!

What else? How about board games? Yes! Cartridge Video Games like the N64, NES, Sega and Gameboy? YES! We want to create experiences with our friends when we get together; have nostalgic feel good times. Let’s play Settlers of Catan, Small World, Dungeons and Dragons, or Killer Bunnies when we get together. We want to build lego structures that are unlimited in their scope. We want to play pokemon on the original Brick Gameboy. Are we nerds? Yes.


So maybe we are the Seattle Nerd Store. Maybe we are the Northwest Nerd Store. If liking adventure, fun, high quality audio, well made outdoor equipment, nostalgic games and toys, and good times with friends is being a nerd. . . we will glady be nerds, and Turntables & Trails will gladly be your Seattle Nerd Store.