We are first and foremost a used Audio and Outdoor Gear store. We like to call ourselves the Seattle Hifi & Hiking Store.

Nonetheless we occasionally get some really cool and rare stuff in that isn’t the typical gear. If it is unique, rare, and somewhat related to audio, outdoor or nostalgic toys, we like to have it in the store. With that said we recently picked up this older Heath Kirchart Skateboard deck. There is hardly any info on this boardĀ online, but it looks like there are a lot of similar Heath Kirchart / Alien Decks that are rare and high valued. Nonetheless we just had to have it in our store. We would love to hear some info on it if you know a year, how many were produced, etc.

Take a look:

p1011793 p1011797 p1011799 p1011800 p1011802