We recently had a Kenwood KR-5400 come into the shop and all the bulbs were burnt out or dim (see photo above) behind the FM tuner. With some basic tools and about an hour of time you can easily replace these bulbs.

Tools needed:

-Wire Strippers

-Soldering iron


-Replacement Bulbs (6v or 8v should work)

-Possibly spare wire

To start we remove the cover (sorry I didn’t take photos). Basically it’s 6 screws on the wood paneling on the left and right side, then the screws on the top of the metal case. Set these aside.


Now look at the front and see the small spongy yellow rubber pieces which have bulbs in them.

Vintage Kenwood KR


My finger is pointing at one below:


Slowly pull this out carefully and it should look like this:


Knewood KR-5400 Bulb

The bulb is attached to the wires which run through the rubber sleeve. If you gently pull on the bulb and down on the rubber sleeve it will come out with the wires attached.


Now clip the wires as high as you can (as close to the bulb as possible). This will allow you to have more room to solder. If you can’t clip the wires high, or just don’t have enough room, feel free to splice in some new wire.

Tuner Bulb Replacement

Once you’ve clipped the bulb you will want to grab your new bulb. It should be similar in size. I bought the replacements for about $1.00 each. Now you will want to solder one wire to the very bottom of the new bulb, and one to the side (the solder job below is very poor and was redone.)

Kenwood Vintage Receiver Replacement Bulb


Once you’ve soldered it in plug the Kenwood back into power and flip the switch, make sure the bulb turns on. If it does power the unit back off and slot the bulb down into the rubber sleeve.

DIY Amp bulb replacement


Finally push the bulb and sleeve back into the Kenwoods matching hole. It should now look something like this photo:

Kenwood Bulb Replacement

Finally power the whole thing on and check if it looks good!



Hopefully this DIY on vintage bulb replacement was helpful for everyone even the Beginner! If you have any questions feel free to email us: turntablestrails@gmail.com, or if you are in Seattle you can always bring your vintage HiFi audio gear in to have it looked at and possibly repaired.